Direct Inward System Access.


The DISA, Direct Inward System Access, application allows someone from outside the telephone switch (PBX) to obtain an *internal* system dialtone and to place calls from it as if they were placing a call from within the switch. DISA plays a dialtone. The user enters their numeric passcode, followed by the pound sign '#'. If the passcode is correct, the user is then given system dialtone within <context> on which a call may be placed. If the user enters an invalid extension and extension 'i' exists in the specified <context>, it will be used. Be aware that using this may compromise the security of your PBX. The arguments to this application (in «extensions.conf») allow either specification of a single global <passcode> (that everyone uses), or individual passcodes contained in a file (<filename>). The file that contains the passcodes (if used) allows a complete specification of all of the same arguments available on the command line, with the sole exception of the options. The file may contain blank lines, or comments starting with '#' or ';'.





  If you need to present a DISA dialtone without entering a password,
  simply set <passcode> to 'no-password'
  You may specified a <filename> instead of a <passcode>, this filename
  must contain individual passcodes


  Specifies the dialplan context in which the user-entered extension
  will be matched. If no context is specified, the DISA application defaults
  to the 'disa' context. Presumably a normal system will have a special
  context set up for DISA use with some or a lot of restrictions.


  Specifies a new (different) callerid to be used for this call.


  Will cause a stutter-dialtone (indication *dialrecall*) to be used,
  if the specified mailbox contains any new messages.


  n: The DISA application will not answer initially.
  p: The extension entered will be considered complete when a '#' is

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