; CLI permissions configuration example for Asterisk
; All the users that you want to connect with asterisk using
; rasterisk, should have write/read access to the
; asterisk socket (asterisk.ctl). You could change the permissions
; of this file in 'asterisk.conf' config parameter: 'astctlpermissions' (0666)
; found on the [files] section.
; general options:
; default_perm = permit | deny
;                This is the default permissions to apply for a user that
;                does not has a permissions definided.
; user options:
; permit = <command name> | all		; allow the user to run 'command' |
;					; allow the user to run 'all' the commands
; deny = <command name> | all		; disallow the user to run 'command' |
;					; disallow the user to run 'all' commands.


default_perm=permit	; To leave asterisk working as normal
			; we should set this parameter to 'permit'
; Follows the per-users permissions configs.
; This list is read in the sequence that is being written, so
; In this example the user 'eliel' is allow to run only the following
; commands:
;          sip show peer
;          core set debug
;          core set verbose
; If the user is not specified, the default_perm option will be apply to
; every command.
; Notice that you can also use regular expressions to allow or deny access to a
; certain command like: 'core show application D*'. In this example the user will be
; allowed to view the documentation for all the applications starting with 'D'.
; Another regular expression could be: 'channel originate SIP/[0-9]* extension *'
; allowing the user to use 'channel originate' on a sip channel and with the 'extension'
; parameter and avoiding the use of the 'application' parameter.
; We can also use the templates syntax:
; [supportTemplate](!)
; deny=all
; permit=sip show       ; all commands starting with 'sip show' will be allowed
; permit=core show
; You can specify permissions for a local group instead of a user,
; just put a '@' and we will know that is a group.
; IMPORTANT NOTE: Users permissions overwrite group permissions.
;permit=sip show peer
;deny=sip show peers
;permit=core set
;User 'tommy' inherits from template 'supportTemplate':
;	deny=all
;	permit=sip show
;	permit=core show
;permit=core set debug
;permit=dialplan show
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