; Configuration file for MeetMe simple conference rooms for Asterisk of course.
; This configuration file is read every time you call app meetme()

;audiobuffers=32	; The number of 20ms audio buffers to be used
			; when feeding audio frames from non-DAHDI channels
			; into the conference; larger numbers will allow
			; for the conference to 'de-jitter' audio that arrives
			; at different timing than the conference's timing
			; source, but can also allow for latency in hearing
			; the audio from the speaker. Minimum value is 2,
			; maximum value is 32.
; Conferences may be scheduled from realtime?
; Update realtime when members login/out of the conference
; How much earlier than the start time should we allow participants to
; join the conference (in seconds)?
; If the participants join too early, how much time should we allow
; to tell them that they've joined too early, rather than telling them
; the conference simply doesn't exist (in seconds)?
; How many seconds before the scheduled end of the conference should
; the participants be warned?
; Usage is conf => confno[,pin][,adminpin]
; Note that once a participant has called the conference, a change to the pin
; number done in this file will not take effect until there are no more users
; in the conference and it goes away.  When it is created again, it will have
; the new pin number.
;conf => 1234
;conf => 2345,9938
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