; Define a realtime database name to use in extconfig.conf
;dbfile => /var/lib/asterisk/realtime.sqlite3
; debug - Turn on debugging information
; requirements - At startup, each realtime family will make requirements
;   on the backend.  There are several strategies for handling requirements:
;     warn        - Warn if the required column does not exist.
;     createclose - Create columns as close to the requirements as possible.
;     createchar  - Create char columns only
; batch - SQLite 3 write performance can be greatly improved by wrapping
;   multiple writes in transactions. This option specifies the duration in
;   milliseconds of auto-generated transactions. Any changes made during an
;   unfinished transaction will be immediately available to the same database
;   connection, but any external connections could see a delay up to the value
;   of this setting. It is also possible that if asterisk crashes, any changes
;   made during this time could be lost. Due to the nearly 100x performance
;   benefit, the default is 100 ms. Set to 0 to disable batching.
;   PLEASE NOTE: If you need to write to the database from another connection
;   you will need to set batch=0 as the transactions will cause the database
;   to lock for writing.
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