; Sample configuration for res_config_pgsql
; The value of dbhost may be either a hostname or an IP address.
; If dbhost is commented out or the string "localhost", a connection
; to the local host is assumed and dbsock is used instead of TCP/IP
; to connect to the server.
;dbappname=asterisk    ; Postgres application_name support (optional). Whitespace not allowed.
; dbsock is specified as the directory where the socket file may be found. The
; actual socket is constructed as a combination of dbsock and dbport.  For
; example, the values of '/tmp' and '5432', respectively, will specify a socket
; file of '/tmp/.s.PGSQL.5432'.
; requirements - At startup, each realtime family will make requirements
; on the backend.  There are several strategies for handling requirements:
; warn        - Warn if the required column does not exist.
; createclose - Create columns as close to the requirements as possible.
; createchar  - Create char columns only
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