; Configuration file for res_snmp
; --------------------------------
; Res_snmp can run as a subagent or standalone SNMP agent. The standalone snmp
; agent is based on net-snmp and will read a configuration file called
; asterisk.conf in the net-snmp configuration file path, starting with
; /etc/snmp on many systems.
; If you use the subagent model, you need to enable agentx in snmpd.conf
; Note that you can only run one Asterisk on the system in this case.
; See https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Simple+Network+Management+Protocol+(SNMP)+Support 
; to get more information about
; snmp support in Asterisk

; We run as a subagent per default -- to run as a full agent
; we must run as root (to be able to bind to port 161)
;subagent = yes
; SNMP must be explicitly enabled to be active
;enabled = yes
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