; Configuration file for the res_stun_monitor module
; The res_stun_monitor module sends STUN requests to a configured STUN server
; periodically.  If the monitor detects a change in the external IP address or port
; provided by the STUN server an event is sent out internally within Asterisk
; to alert all listeners to that event of the change.

; The current default listeners for the network change event include chan_sip
; and chan_iax.  Both of these channel drivers by default react to this event
; by renewing all outbound registrations.  This allows the endpoints Asterisk
; is registering with to become aware of the address change and know the new
; location.
; ---- STUN Server configuration ---
;  Setting the 'stunaddr' option to a valid address enables the STUN monitor.
;stunaddr = mystunserver.com    ; Address of the STUN server to query.
                                ; Valid form:
                                ;   [(hostname | IP-address) [':' port]]
                                ; The port defaults to the standard STUN port (3478).
                                ; Set to an empty value to disable STUN monitoring.
                                ;   Default is disabled.
;stunrefresh = 30               ; Number of seconds between STUN refreshes.
                                ;   Default is 30.
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