; Unbound DNS Resolver Configuration
; This file serves as a reference for the configurable options within the
; unbound DNS resolver.

;hosts = /etc/hosts        ; Full path to a hosts file which contains a mapping of
;                          ; hostnames to addresses. If "system" is specified then
;                          ; the system specific hosts file will be used. (default: system)
;resolv = /etc/resolv.conf ; Full path to a resolv.conf which contains the nameservers
;                          ; to use for resolution. If "system" is specified then the
;                          ; system specific resolv.conf file will be used. (default: system)
;nameserver =    ; An explicit nameserver to use for queries. If this option
;                          ; is specified multiple times the first configured one will
;                          ; be treated as the primary with each subsequent one being
;                          ; a backup. If the resolv options is also specified the
;                          ; nameservers from it will be tried after all nameserver
;                          ; options.
;debug = 99                ; The debug level to run the unbound resolver at. While
;                          ; there is no explicit range the higher the number the more
;                          ; debug is output.
;ta_file = /etc/asterisk/dnssec_keys ; Full path to a trusted anchors key file. These keys are
;                                    ; used to verify DNSSEC signed results.
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