; Asterisk SMDI configuration

; Specify serial ports to listen for SMDI messages on below.  These will be
; referenced later in chan_dahdi.conf.  If you do not specify any interfaces
; then SMDI will be disabled.  Interfaces can have several different attributes
; associated with them.

; Set the number of stop bits to use per character here.  The default is no,
; in which case one stop bit will be used.

;twostopbits = no

; Character size or bit length is the size of each character sent across the
; link.  Character size can be 7 or 8.  The default is 7.

;charsize = 7

; If you need parity checking enabled you can turn it on here.  Acceptable
; values are even, odd, and none.  The default is even.

;paritybit = even

; The baudrate to use for this port.  Acceptable values are 1200, 2400, 4800,
; and 9600.  The default is 9600.

;baudrate = 1200

; Often the numbering scheme for a set of mailboxes or extensions will not be 7
; or 10 digits (as SMDI requires).  Use the msdstrip option to strip unused
; digits from the start of numbers.

;msdstrip = 0

; Occasionally Asterisk and the SMDI switch may become out of sync.  If this
; happens, Asterisk will appear one or several calls behind as it processes
; voicemail requests.  To prevent this from happening, adjust the msgexpirytime.
; This will make Asterisk discard old SMDI messages that have not yet been
; processed.  The default expiry time is 30000 milliseconds.

;msgexpirytime = 30000

;smdiport => /dev/ttyS0

; This section configures parameters related to MWI handling for the SMDI link.

; This option configures the polling interval used to check to see if the
; mailboxes have any new messages.  This option is specified in seconds.
; The default value is 10 seconds.

; Every other entry in this section of the configuration file is interpreted as
; a mapping between the mailbox ID on the SMDI link, and the local Asterisk
; mailbox name.  In many cases, they are the same thing, but they still must be
; listed here so that this module knows which mailboxes it needs to pay
; attention to.
; Syntax:
;   <SMDI mailbox ID>=<Asterisk Mailbox Name>[@Asterisk Voicemail Context]
; If no Asterisk voicemail context is specified, "default" will be assumed.
; Before specifying mailboxes, you must specify an SMDI interface.  All mailbox
; definitions that follow will correspond to that SMDI interface.  If you specify
; another interface, then all definitions following that will correspond to the
; new interface.
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