function 'FAXOPT'

Gets/sets various pieces of information about a fax session.
FAXOPT can be used to override the settings for a FAX session listed in "
res_fax.conf",          it can also be used to retreive information about a FAX
session that has finished eg. pages/status.
    ecm - R/W Error Correction Mode (ECM) enable with 'yes', disable
    with 'no'.
    error - R/O FAX transmission error code upon failure.
    filename - R/O Filename of the first file of the FAX transmission.
    filenames - R/O Filenames of all of the files in the FAX transmission
    (comma separated).
    headerinfo - R/W FAX header information.
    localstationid - R/W Local Station Identification.
    minrate - R/W Minimum transfer rate set before transmission.
    maxrate - R/W Maximum transfer rate set before transmission.
    modem - R/W Modem type (v17/v27/v29).
    gateway - R/W T38 fax gateway, with optional fax activity timeout
    in seconds (yes[,timeout]/no)
    faxdetect - R/W Enable FAX detect with optional timeout in seconds
    pages - R/O Number of pages transferred.
    rate - R/O Negotiated transmission rate.
    remotestationid - R/O Remote Station Identification after transm
    resolution - R/O Negotiated image resolution after transmission.
    sessionid - R/O Session ID of the FAX transmission.
    status - R/O Result Status of the FAX transmission.
    statusstr - R/O Verbose Result Status of the FAX transmission.

[See Also] Asterisk app: ReceiveFAX(), Asterisk app: SendFAX()

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