function 'FIELDNUM'

Return the 1-based offset of a field in a list
Search the variable named <varname> for the string <value> delimited by <delim>
and return a 1-based offset as to its location. If not found or an error
occured, return '0'.
The delimiter may be specified as a special or extended ASCII character,
by encoding it.  The characters '\n', '\r', and '\t' are all recognized as
the newline, carriage return, and tab characters, respectively.  Also, octal
and hexadecimal specifications are recognized by the patterns '\0nnn' and
'\xHH', respectively.  For example, if you wanted to encode a comma as the
delimiter, you could use either '\054' or '\x2C'.
Example: If ${example} contains 'ex-amp-le', then ${FIELDNUM(example,-,amp)}
returns 2.
Not available

[See Also] Not available

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