function 'SIPPEER'

Gets SIP peer information.
Not available
    ip - (default) The IP address.
    port - The port number.
    mailbox - The configured mailbox.
    context - The configured context.
    expire - The epoch time of the next expire.
    dynamic - Is it dynamic? (yes/no).
    callerid_name - The configured Caller ID name.
    callerid_num - The configured Caller ID number.
    callgroup - The configured Callgroup.
    pickupgroup - The configured Pickupgroup.
    namedcallgroup - The configured Named Callgroup.
    namedpickupgroup - The configured Named Pickupgroup.
    codecs - The configured codecs.
    status - Status (if qualify=yes).
    regexten - Extension activated at registration.
    limit - Call limit (call-limit).
    busylevel - Configured call level for signalling busy.
    curcalls - Current amount of calls. Only available if call-limit
    is set.
    language - Default language for peer.
    accountcode - Account code for this peer.
    useragent - Current user agent header used by peer.
    maxforwards - The value used for SIP loop prevention in outbound
    chanvar[name] - A channel variable configured with setvar for this
    codec[x] - Preferred codec index number <x> (beginning with

[See Also] Not available

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