FreePBX имеет модульную конструцию. Вы можете установить все модули, или только те, которые Вы планируете использовать. Количество установленных модулей не влияет на скорость работы Asterisk, а только на скорость сохранения, когда Вы нажимаете Apply Configuration Change .

  1. Core: Содержит базовые модули Extensions и Trunks.
  2. Follow Me: Provides a 'Follow Me' service
  3. Misc Destinations: Allows you to use any number you can dial as a destination
  4. PHP Info: A sample module
  5. Ring Groups: Lets you define a group of extensions (or external devices) to be called when a certain extension is rung.
  6. Time Conditions: Lets you define a particular time period and alternative destinations based on whether you are current in the time period specified. You then use the Time Condition itself as a destination in other locations.
  7. Call Forward: A call feature code.
  8. Call Waiting: A call feature code.
  9. Do-Not-Disturb: A call feature code.
  10. Online Support: Enables you to contact developers and other online, immediately.
  11. Info Services: A call feature code.
  12. Voicemail: A call feature code
  13. IVR: Lets you create IVR (i.e. Digital Receptionist) menus
  14. On Hold Music: Lets you define Music On Hold categories and upload MP3s to use for each category.
  15. PIN Sets: Lets you check a range of PIN's. Currently only used for Trunks.
  16. Paging and Intercom: Lets you define paging groups (intercom not currently supported) to automatically page a group of extensions.
  17. Queues: Lets you create call queues
  18. Recordings: Lets you create Recordings that can be used in various places (like Digital Receptionists or Queues)
  19. DISA: Lets you create DISA (Direct Inward System Access) destinations (only available in the SVN trunk version)
  20. Asterisk CLI: Adds a tool that allows you to issue commands to the Asterisk CLI interface
  21. Conferences: Lets you create MeetMe conferences.
  22. Backup & Restore: Adds a tool that allows you to backup or restore your freePBX configuration
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