Sending conference commands

It's possble to control various aspects of the conference by sending conference commands directly from Verto.

In the example code below, vertoConf is an instance of $.verto.conf as created in subscribing to the live array.

Note that the command will only succeed if the logged in Verto user has permissions to execute it.

// This translates to the following conference API command:
// conference [conference id] [command] [id] [value]
var sendCommand = function (command, id, value) {"verto.broadcast", {
    "eventChannel": vertoConf.params.laData.modChannel,
    "data": {
      "application": "conf-control",
      "command": command,
      "id": id,
      "value": value

// Some examples of using the above sendCommand() function.
var toggleAudioMute = function(conferenceUserId, arg) {
  sendCommand('tmute', conferenceUserId, arg);
var toggleVideoMute = function(conferenceUserId, arg) {
  sendCommand('tvmute', conferenceUserId, arg);
var videoLayout = function(layoutId) {
  sendCommand("vid-layout", null, layoutId);

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