Malloc C Function

Description The C library function void *malloc(size_t size) allocates the requested memory and returns a pointer to it.

Declaration Following is the declaration for malloc() function.

void *malloc(size_t size)

Parameters size − This is the size of the memory block, in bytes.

Return Value This function returns a pointer to the allocated memory, or NULL if the request fails.

Example The following example shows the usage of malloc() function.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main () {
   char *str;
   /* Initial memory allocation */
   str = (char *) malloc(15);
   strcpy(str, "tutorialspoint");
   printf("String = %s,  Address = %u\n", str, str);
   /* Reallocating memory */
   str = (char *) realloc(str, 25);
   strcat(str, ".com");
   printf("String = %s,  Address = %u\n", str, str);
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