function 'FEATURE'

Get or set a feature option on a channel.
When this function is used as a read, it will get the current value of the
specified feature option for this channel.  It will be the value of this option
configured in features.conf if a channel specific value has not been set.
This function can also be used to set a channel specific value for the
supported feature options.
    The allowed values are:
    inherit - Inherit feature settings made in FEATURE or FEATUREMAP
    to child channels.
    featuredigittimeout - Milliseconds allowed between digit presses
    when entering a feature code.
    transferdigittimeout - Seconds allowed between digit presses when
    dialing a transfer destination
    atxfernoanswertimeout - Seconds to wait for attended transfer
    destination to answer
    atxferdropcall - Hang up the call entirely if the attended transfer
    atxferloopdelay - Seconds to wait between attempts to re-dial transfer
    atxfercallbackretries - Number of times to re-attempt dialing a
    transfer destination
    xfersound - Sound to play to during transfer and transfer-like
    xferfailsound - Sound to play to a transferee when a transfer fails
    atxferabort - Digits to dial to abort an attended transfer attempt
    atxfercomplete - Digits to dial to complete an attended transfer
    atxferthreeway - Digits to dial to change an attended transfer into
    a three-way call
    pickupexten - Digits used for picking up ringing calls
    pickupsound - Sound to play to picker when a call is picked up
    pickupfailsound - Sound to play to picker when a call cannot be picked
    courtesytone - Sound to play when automon or automixmon is activated
    recordingfailsound - Sound to play when automon or automixmon is
    attempted but fails to start

[See Also] function 'FEATUREMAP'

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