; Asterisk Channel Event Logging (CEL) - Custom CSV Backend

; This is the configuration file for the customizable CSV backend for CEL
; logging.
; In order to create custom CSV logs for CEL, uncomment the template below
; (Master.csv) and start Asterisk.  Once CEL events are generated, a file will
; appear in the following location:
;                 /var/log/asterisk/cel-custom/Master.csv
; (Note that /var/log/asterisk is the default and may differ on your system)
; You can also create more than one template if desired.  All logs will appear
; in the cel-custom directory under your Asterisk logs directory.

; Within a mapping, use the CALLERID() and CHANNEL() functions to retrieve
; details from the CEL event.  There are also a few variables created by this
; module that can be used in a mapping:
;    eventtype   - The name of the CEL event.
;    eventtime   - The timestamp of the CEL event.
;    eventenum   - Like eventtype but is "USER_DEFINED" for a user defined event.
;    userdeftype - User defined event type name from CELGenUserEvent().
;    eventextra  - Extra data included with this CEL event, typically along with
;                  an event of type USER_DEFINED from CELGenUserEvent().
;    BRIDGEPEER  - Bridged peer channel name at the time of the CEL event.
;                  CHANNEL(peer) could also be used.
;Master.csv => ${CSV_QUOTE(${eventtype})},${CSV_QUOTE(${eventtime})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CALLERID(name)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CALLERID(num)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CALLERID(ANI)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CALLERID(RDNIS)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CALLERID(DNID)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(exten)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(context)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(channame)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(appname)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(appdata)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(amaflags)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(accountcode)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(uniqueid)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(linkedid)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${BRIDGEPEER})},${CSV_QUOTE(${CHANNEL(userfield)})},${CSV_QUOTE(${userdeftype})},${CSV_QUOTE(${eventextra})}
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